Brackendell Golden Retrievers

Retrieving training and trials are for Registered Gundogs.  This sport consists of simulated shooting conditions. These events are designed to test the various gundog breeds in the type of work for which they were bred, providing people with the opportunity to test appropriate temperament and the natural working instincts of their dogs.

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Aust CH Montego Mity Classy CD ET QC at a Retrieving trial

Danny bringing the bird back to Tony

Danny handing over the bird    Good boy a job well done!

Danny doing a water retrieve

Splash looking for the bird

Splash has found the bird and is now bringing it back

Another go and Splash has found his bird and is bringing it back

Nearly there!

Splash doing a water retrieve

This is fun - I found it!!

Butchfire Bequet Patrese CD NRD at a trial - Owned by B & D Butcher

Brackendell Golden Retrievers

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