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Lucifer - Backendell Diablo



Brackendell Happy Chance


D.O.B. 24th Dec 2005

(Brackendell Idaho Sunset CD ET x CH Lawnwoods Rustic Rian UD (Imp UK))

 Hips 1/3 - Elbows - 0/0 - Eyes/ Heart Clear

 Vera wanted Chance for companionship and to do obedience training at her local club. As Chance got a little older decided to put Chance in a few shows. In only a couple of shows he has done so well winning group & show awards as well as his first challenge 25points, Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Show at the prestigious Gundog Club Championship show. 




Gundog Club of SA Champ Show

Judge: Mrs J Weekes



GRC of SA Open Show

Judge: Mrs. J Bryant



GRC of SA Champ Show 2006



Critique: Lovely minor puppy dog. Good front neck and shoulders. Super angulated

front and aft. Nice adequate bone. Tight feet, lovely topline and tail set firm on the move. Moved well




CH Brackendell River Thunder


(Brackendell River Melody x Piqueace Piccolet)

 Betina and Lincoln began their show career towards the end of the puppy class. Both handler and dog very new to the show ring, Betina and Linc have learned very quickly, it's easy to see the devotion they have to each other and it shines through in the ring. Lincoln has consistently has won his class in breed and recently gained his first challenge certificate in the Junior Class! Well done guys.  Betina decided to discontinue showing to start a family, Lincoln now has a gorgeous human sister to love and take care of .

  Lincoln 12 months old

Lincoln 10 months old

Lincoln 12 months old

Brackendell River Topaz


(Brackendell River Sonnet x Aust Ch Montego Mity Classy CD ET QC)

Heart - Clear Eyes - Clear     DM - Clear       PRCD - Clear
Ichythiosis - Heterozygous
GR_PRA-1 Clear      GR_PRA-2 Clear


 Topaz was owned bye Lydia Sernekki "She is the darling of our dogs who is my shadow and just loves to cuddle up with me when I read a book."  Topaz did well in the show ring winning multi bcc and res bcc.   Topaz now resides with her new family David Bidstrup and is settling in well with her new family. 





CH Brackendell Diamond Lace


(Aust CH Montego As You Dream x Aust Ch Montego Mity Classy CD ET QC)

 Hips 4/5 - Elbows - 0/0 - Eyes/ Heart Clear

 Lacey along with her sister Teddy we kept from our lovely Sammy and Danny litter. Lacey has all the qualities I could wish for, a beautiful temperament along with lovely conformation and correct movement. Only lightly shown so far beginning her show career at 6 months old and already has a res challenge at 7 months old at the Southern Dist K & O Club champ show and a specialty class win so far. Lacey now resides with Rose Easton "Montego Goldens" where she will continue her show career. Lacey has produced two outstanding litters for Rose, her daughter International Junior Champion Montego Diamond Giselle is in Canada, with one of her sons in USA at Spirit Goldens and Montego's lovely Montego Hugo Boss.




GRC of SA Champ Show 2007



Critique: A trio of lovely puppies.
1st Braithwaites ‘Brackendell Diamond Lace’ 10 months cream girl with a beautiful outline and very clean lines, pleasing in head and eye, blackest of pigments, excellent front and rear angulation, short coupled, moved extremely well.



Brackendell River Rapidz


(GR CH Brackendell River Song ET x Taumac Gold For Carol )

 Hips 3/5 - Elbows - 0/0 - Eyes/ Heart Clear


Rip or is from our River & Swift's first litter. She has an exuberant outgoing fun personality and although she was named before she was born her name suits her so well!  She loves to Rip around the yard in full flight usually playing catch me if you can with some prize she found in her mouth.   Rip had her first litter to Danny and then decided for herself to have her second litter to our lovely boy Valley.  She doesn't do anything by halves!   Our gorgeous girl got pyometra and had to be desexed.  Rip is now retired and has a wonderful life doing obedience with her new family  and playing with other goldens.



Rip at 4 mnths old  Rip at 4 mnths old



Brackendell River Fable


(CH Lawnwoods Rustic Rian UD Imp UK x Brackendell Idaho Sunset CD ET )

H/S 2/3 (5) Elbows 0/0 (0) - Eyes & Heart Clear

Owned and Loved  by the Kelly family

Fable (along with her 5 sisters/3 brothers) were born Christmas Eve 2005 so it was a lovely Christmas for us that year!  Fable has both her parents absolutely gorgeous loving temperament!   Fable's sire is the handsome CH Lawnwoods Rustic Rian UD (Imp Uk). Rian is the first UK import to attain his UD obedience title and his show championship title. He has won speciality Challenges & Reserves and is a multi speciality R/up Best In Show winner, there are few goldens who can claim this versatility. Fable has won multi reserve challenges and Class in Group wins.  Fable proved to be a wonderful mum to three lovely puppies to our gorgeous boy Cas (Taumac Golden Casanova ET (ai)).   She is now retired to a life of luxury with the Kelly's.

1st Place Intermediate Bitch

Adelaide Royal Show 2007



GRC of SA Champ Show 2006


Critique: Another nice bitch, same applies preferred head of winner, super condition, moved really well.


Fable 14 weeks old

Brackendell River Impact



Owned & Loved By The Bowler Family

Splash has the most beautiful gentle, quiet nature. He began Obedience classes in 2005 and went to grade 4 and also started training for Retrieving and has shown the same enthusiasm for this sport as well. He can be seen in action on our "Retrieving photo" pages.

In the few shows Splash  attended he did very well by  winning 2 x Best baby in Groups and "Best Baby in Show" (all breeds Champ shows), Judges: Mr K.  McMillan (NSW) & Mrs J Bennetts (NZ) .  He also won "Best Opposite Puppy in Show" at the Golden Retriever Club Open Show 2005.

Brackendell River Impact "Best Baby in Show"   Splash - "Best Baby in Show"


Brackendell Ina River 


(Butchfire Bequet Patrese CD NRD x  Kathabara Golly Ms Holly CD)

 Hips 7/8 - Elbows 0/0

2001 - 2012


Dearly Loved and will be very Sadly Missed by his family Steve & Malissa and by all at Brackendell.


Bailey is a great companion for Steve & Melissa and their Maremma Sheepdog, Ralf.

Golden  Retriever Club of SA Champ show 2003 - 2nd place  State Bred Dog  Judge:  Mrs W Andrews (UK) - CRITIQUE:  A rangier dog still needing to mature and fill his frame. Good construction, correct true movement. Good round bone and cat like feet.

Brackendell River Comic



Owned and Loved  by Kym and John


Charlie joined his new family early 2006.  He and his half brother Sam have a great life with Kym and John going to the beach, the local dog park as well as Obedience training. 


We couldn't ask for a better home for our two boys!




Charlie and Sam after a busy day playing in the mud!!



Brackendell River Hunter


17/5/04 - 18/8/07


Dearly Loved and will be very Sadly Missed by his family John & Kym,

 his brother Charlie and by all at Brackendell.


Sam  was a wonderful family member for Kym & John with his happy outgoing & very loving nature.  Sam did very well at obedience training and  earned his basic obedience certificate.  Well done Sam!!! and of course his great owners Kym and John! Sadly Sam passed away  much to early in a tragic accident.


My parting has left you with a void
Please fill it with remembered joy
A friendship shared, your laugh, a kiss
Oh yes, these things I too shall miss.

Be not burdened with ties of sorrow
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow
My life's been full, you've given so much
Your time, your love your gentle touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief
Lift up your head and share with me
Great memories, I am now free.



Sam at the beach 18 months old


Brackendell River Bard & Brackendell Pure Poison

'Charlie'   &   'Dior'










Brackendell River Sage






Brackendell River Mozart




Brackendell River Wild


Brackendell Sovereign



Owned and Loved  by Liz & Brad




Brackendell River Piper


Brackendell Braveheart & Brackendell River Abbie

'Buster'  &   'Abbie'


Owned and Loved  by Bob and Gail

Brackendell River Drums  &  Brackendell RiverMaveric

'Nelson'  & 'Maverick'


Owned and Loved  by Matt & Belinda





Brackendell River Charm


Owned and Loved  by Richard

Brackendell Golly Gosh

'Golly Gosh'

Owned and Loved  by Sue

Their first Obedience trial Sue and Golly attained their first CD qualification with a 1st Place in a large class and 194 points.  Congratulations!!

Brackendell Sweet Heart



Brackendell Nimilote



Owned and Loved  by Katherine


Brackendell River Caper



Owned and Loved  by Sandra Paterson




Brackendell River Lethe



Owned and Loved  by Todd



Brackendell River Tay





Brackendell River Breeze


(CH Montego Mity Classy CD ET QC x Brackendell Idaho Sunset CD ET)

 Hips 2/3 - Elbows - 0/0 - Eyes Clear


Breeze was selected from our litter by Lillian, she had one litter of  pups for her and    was then given to Alison,  with Alison Breeze passed all her tests  to become a Pets as Therapy dog. To do this work the dog must be of good temperament, Breeze looks to be following in the footsteps of her grandfather Bruno who spent many years in the Prevent a Dog Bite Program and Caring Canine Companions. 

Breeze a  Pets as Therapy dog in WA



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